Sunday, October 4, 2009

Food Coma

We took it pretty easy today.  Laziness seems to be our Sunday routine.  When I woke up this morning I was still full from last night.  That's a pretty gross feeling.  After lazing about (e.g. eating nachos and watching Flash Forward) we decided to hop a bus and wander around.  So, today was one of our usual walkabout and people watch days.  Seems a little boring when you think about it, but I quite like them.

It's getting a lot colder here.  I definitely don't have enough "in between" clothing.  It's amazing how fast the season changed.  Just last week we were saying, "No, it's still pretty hot and muggy here."  Now it's crisp and dry.  I actually like it, it's just strange not knowing what to expect from the seasons.  We'd gotten pretty comfortable with the Pacific Northwest, granted Korea's weather is supposed to be more predictable.

The buses here are not set up in the most economical way.  There are double seats on some buses, but not many from what I've seen.

Today's bus had an extended, lofted back seat.  It stretched from one side of the bus to the other.  It was necessary to hold on at times.

We took my bus (605) to Ha So because Ian had never seen that neighborhood.  It didn't really hold much for us except S-Mart.

I'm really not sure why everything is mart.

This was next to S-Mart.  If you join the Muscle and Fitness Club you, too, can look like them.

In S-Mart (the "KMart" of the Korean marts) there were only a few finds.

This seems to be kim (seaweed) flavored soymilk.  Though, it's difficult to know for sure.

So, they do have microwave popcorn here.  But, when I asked my students if they ever ate popcorn at home they acted as though it was the strangest thing they had ever heard.  It must not be popular.

Our booty.  Cherry Cokes, packaged yakwas (not even close to as good as Chun wha's), black bean sauce and popcorn.  I don't know why we got the Cokes.  We didn't like them very much.  They're the same as they are in the states, we just prefer diet Coke.

This farm patch was near the mart.  It still amazes me how the farmland is mixed into an urban or suburban setting.

"Reborn Resoap!"  The deeper meaning behind lather, rinse, repeat.

This is above the little town square (where the fountain and shopping center is).  If you can't read it, it says "Natural Beauty Obsity Clinic."

At least it's spelled right on this window.

The Curry Pot sells "natural and healthy" food.

Like cheddar covered spaghetti.  This restaurant is nearly across the street from the clinic.  Coincidence?

We decided we would watch the movie "Gamer" (bad idea, terrible movie), so we went to buy tickets.  This couple was in the theater.  We've been seeing more and more couples dressed alike.  It seems that it is a trend here.  A frightening, frightening trend.

We ate dinner at a pizza and toast (toasted sandwiches) place.  In this restaurant they really want you to think about "People Baking Toast."

While we waited an absurdly long time for our "yachae picha" we took amusing close ups of each other's faces.  I'm sure everyone was wondering what the hell the Americans were doing.


I thought I'd give you all a better mental picture of where we live.  So, here's a map of Jecheon.  Well, most of it.

The red arrow is approximately where our apartment is and the white arrow is approximately downtown (where everything else is).  Most of the photos you see happen between those two locations, but we try to give you pictures from all over.

Well, our weekends about over.  Enjoy the rest of yours!

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  1. Thanks for the map. It gives a better perspective. Are your schools in the downtown area?