Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Gifts

Ian and I both had some pretty serious Monday blues this morning.  It was made worse when both of us missed our buses.  I had to take a cab to work and Ian caught the later bus.

Other than just begrudgingly starting another work week, things went pretty well today.  Starting next week, there will be another teacher at Ha So (another Korean teacher).  I've known this for about a month, but I didn't know that I would be losing my desk.  They are moving me into a makeshift office where the copy machine used to be.  It's the size of a closet, and I'll be even more isolated.  I am not stoked, but I have no choice.  I wonder what the new teacher will be doing, since I don't think there needs to be another person supervising the student's tape sessions.  Maybe she'll teach actual classes.

Ian and I both received gifts from a couple of our students today.

Ian got pogs from a kid named Edwin and I got a candy cane from a student of mine named Caleb.  We're sending the pogs home to Grant with his Thomas gum/chews (as soon as we find international envelopes and manila envelopes!).

Christmas in October?  Not exactly.  The candy cane was fresh, but cherry flavored.

Caleb is the same kid who teased Thomas for being, well, named Thomas (as in Thomas and Friends).  Today, Thomas decided that he no longer wanted to be called Thomas.  After over five minutes of trying to come up with a new name for him (he rejected each one) I settled on N.N. for no name.  I told him he is to come ot class next week having chosen a new name, but we'll see if that happens.

Just this very second, Ian and I saw a commercial for Big Love on channel 141.  Apparently, it's coming to the channel starting Friday.  Yay!

Thursday Ian and I are starting a Halloween unit for our kids.  Our weeks go from Thursday to Wednesday, so the unit will go past Halloween, but I doubt our kids will mind.  We have kids of nearly every age, so we want to do some video clips, games (easy and doable with 4-8 kids in 10-15 minutes) and some holiday themed worksheets and exercises.  If you have any ideas, be sure to share.

Well, off to the land of relaxation.  Good night!


  1. Monday blues are never fun. Glad your day went well though. I wonder what prompted the kids to give gifts today? Was it just a coincidence that both you and Ian got gifts on the same day? Do you get to put on a Halloween party for the kids?
    You should do the story of the "Legend of sleepy Hollow"

  2. No Halloween party, which is a bummer because it sounds like many other schools are doing that. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow would be great!

    I don't know why the kids gave us gifts today. Sometimes they give us little things, but today (I think) was the first time we'd both gotten gifts.