Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New "Office"

Today I moved into my new office to make space for the new teacher.  She starts on Friday.  There's no computer in my new space, instead I am to use the computer at the main desk.  Considering that every time I use it students stand behind me and stare, I don't a think that will be happening much.  Plus, it's just not convenient.  Since I do both actual work and web surfing during my free time, I need a computer that is mostly mine.  The Sinback campus has wireless, so it's possible that the others do, too.  I will bring my laptop tomorrow to find out.  If there is no wireless, I will be asking Julia for a LAN line.

View of my closet office from the door.  To the right  you can see the corner of the bookshelf that is one wall and to the left is the plant that is in the meeting of the other two walls.  Later in the day they put a clock on the wall for me.

This is actually a door blocked by a bookshelf and covered with a poster.  Festive!

When I was finished with classes today Chun wha and 'Hank' sat me and the other teachers down and gave us some Hotteok. They are a bit like a Korean answer to the Elephant ear, though it flooded me with memories of Christmas lefse and made me a bit nostalgic.  I grabbed one for Ian and 'Hank' drove me downtown to meet him.  We were supposed to look for gloves for my Halloween costume, but we mostly just sat in Dunkin Donuts drinking coffee.  We did find larger glasses and a yoga mat, however, so the night wasn't a total bust.

On top of our minor finds, Ian met another American teacher while he was waiting for me at Dunkin.  His name is Matt and he's been here for five years.  Apparently, there are many teachers who have been here for several years.  They don't run with the less permanent, younger crowd, so we haven't met them.  We haven't found him on Facebook, yet, but we'll keep trying.

We'll be up planning Halloween themed lessons tomorrow morning, so chat us up!  Good night!

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