Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Forgotten Things and a Care Package

This morning Ian and I realized that there are a few amusing things we've (well, I've) forgotten to include in the blog.

Firstly, some of my kids' English names aren't exactly English.  I've had a couple Antony's.  Not Anthony, but Antony.  I recently got a new boy in class named Alejandro.  Almost everything I say to him I say with a Spanish accent.  It's my own private joke, since they don't hear the difference.

Secondly, Ian would like you to know that he has been teaching his kids TV theme songs line by line.  A couple of weeks ago, he taught some of his kids the Fresh Prince of Belair theme.  Today he taught a class the theme song for the Flinstones.

And thirdly, I forgot to report a totally awesome happening yesterday.  In my second Basic 3 class on Mondays, I have a boy named Caleb and a boy named Thomas.  They're both good students and they play off each other a lot in class.  Well, yesterday, when I got to Thomas in the roll call, Caleb burst into the Thomas and Friends theme in Korean.  I asked "Thomas and Friends?" and he was pretty stoked that I knew it.  I asked him if he liked Thomas and he said he was too old, though he seemed pretty into it to me.  Later I asked him if he'd been to the Sodor park in Japan and he regretfully reported that he hadn't.  Much to human Thomas' dismay, Caleb continued to sing bits of the song occasionally during class.  YouTube won't let me embed the song in the post, so here's a link.  It's worth a listen because the tune really doesn't work all that well in Korean.  It made me laugh, at least.   

We went to the post office this morning to pick up our package from Erin.  We've been anticipating it for a while now (the post office kept trying to deliver it while we were at work), so we were pretty stoked.

Yay!  Packages get pretty beat up on their way here.

What is it?  It's a baby pumpkin!

Ian may have been a little overzealous about appreciating the pumpkin.

I got awesome mustard colored vintage-y gloves as a belated birthday gift.  They will be great for the deep winter we have here.

Care package contents from top left: Hershey's Miniatures, Reese's Miniatures, baby pumpkin, People Magazine, Seattle Magazine, Glamour Magazine, card and letter, gloves, Uno Game, Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck and The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.

Thank you, Erin!

We're so lucky to have folks like you all back home.  You rock.


  1. Oo, are you going to take a picture with your Glamour somewhere very Korean and send it in?

  2. How funny, teaching the kids tv theme songs. Next should be Giligan's Island.

    Love the fact that Thomas the train is universal.

    That was sweet of Erin, she really went all out. What a good friend she is.

  3. I didn't know Glamour published things like that. Maybe I will.

    I know, it was so awesome of her. :)

  4. Speaking of packages...we have Adam's PB, oatmeal, and books to send. Do you still need the oatmeal since you found some at Costco?

    I think The Addams Family and Mr. Ed themes would be fun ones for Ian's students.

  5. Those are great themes. I'll pass him that message.

    We would love anything you have to send. The oatmeal is great, because even though they have some at Costco, it's still pretty hit or miss and Costco is a 2 hour bus ride away.