Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yes, Tom Hanks is awesome.

Hey there kids. Apparently my absence from any other posts have caused some minor concerns from the friends and family in the good ole US of A. I am alive, Casey has not killed me and no my liver doesn't hurt.
I was told that today was my day to hulk around our massive canon camera to document the events of my glamorous day. But like most of Casey's days, it was not really all that amazing. I arrived at my school late, because we never EVER get out the door at a reasonable time. However, when I did arrive at school I slipped passed my principal and fellow teachers without notice. This proved to be a bit of a problem because it was assumed that I had not arrived ten minutes prior to my first class (they had called Julia). This was not the case. My supreme ninja skills allow for undetected movement. Plus, it becomes hard to read my Star Wars book when they know I'm there.
Even though Korea may be the single most humid environment the world has ever known, this small evil device is in full use, five feet from my desk.
Today my Beginner 1A was given the task of learning the names of various facial features.  Rather than being an adult and teaching them anything, I gave then a marker and sat down.  I pointed at the board and barked DRAW!  They did not disappoint.
This is my principle (she doesn't have an English name, and I can't remember her real one).  She is really nice, she is nothing but smiles and offerings of food.  This pleases me.
This was today's offering.  Yachae (Veggie) Kimbop, it was awesome, I was very hungry and this simply "appeared."  I don't know what Casey complains about.  I never have to do anything and I get lots of free stuff.
I also had my favorite class today, Fluent 3.  Best class ever, they understand everything that I say and I understand nearly everything that they say back.  I decided that the book was lame and just started to talk to them about random things: traveling, music comic books and American celebrities.  Obama came up several times, along with Brangelina and Micheal Jackson.  But when I asked who the most famous and greatest celebrity was I was met with one powerful god like figure, Tom Hanks.  I approved of their decision and informed them that they should all watch "Cast Away."  My description was such: two hours of Tom Hanks doing stuff; their review is due next week.


  1. Oh my gosh, would they notice if you turned off the humidifier? I would die.
    And Tom Hanks? What has he done lately that the kids would know? Are they really into Big there?

  2. Ha! Now there's the son I know and love. Nice to read ya. So did you have the kids identify the face parts, too? Who were they drawing and why do so many of them have such big ears? Is that feature you focused on?

    Just in case your ninja skills fail you sometime, you really should get out at a reasonable time, you know. :)

  3. Dude that was hilarious. I want to be in that class, I think you should write on the board W.W.T.H.D? Whenever it is appropriate then you could ask your class to answer that question, it would make for some interesting discussions.

    So you are the big man on campus. You come and go as you please, then they bring you offerings and you throwout books and chat about Tom Hanks. But now I understand why Casey is frustrated, so different for her. I want your job. Looking forward to more posts.