Sunday, September 27, 2009

Easy Going Sunday

Today was a very laid back day.  We got up around noon (we got in at 4am last night) and walked to down town for some coffee and pastries (even though it was raining).  We've come to terms with the fact that though we have no money, there are certain habits that help us feel normal.  It's tough not to feel guilty about spending money out, but it's almost as cheap as staying in here.  After all, an iced latte is about $2.50.  Granted, it tastes like it's $2.50.

We thought about seeing a movie, but decided against the expense of seeing something we were only half interested in.  So, we wandered and took some pictures.

Ian and I stood in a stairway off the main shopping center to get out of the rain. We were there people watching for like an hour.  It was pretty cool.

This is the first "Thomas" we've seen since we've been here.  I wonder if they've been over to the Sodor Park.

We decided to grab some food at Mr. Pizza.  On the table there was this advertisement for this apparently award winning pizza.  On the ad there are little arrows letting you know what each unidentifiable topping is.  From top left, clockwise: chicken, crab, potato, shrimp.  All covered in what is probably mayonnaise.  After all, these people give you butter with your pizza.  But, there's something stranger and creepier than the pizza itself on the ad.

I don't think I want food to be advertised as anything close to a lover.  Let alone the "Best."

Our leftovers were packaged with a lovely bow.  Made it very convenient to carry.

We stopped in at HomeMart on the way home because we didn't have anything better to do.  I feel like they have at least 8 people working on the floor at all times (keep in mind this store has, like, 4 aisles).  They hover, because Koreans don't really "shop around," so we are bizarre.  We were there for about an hour and all we bought were 40 cent cookies, which were not so great.  But, we did find some new things to amuse you.

It's Chuseok season, which means there are gift packs of everything.   It took us forever to figure out what this one was.  I'm not sure why we were so curious about it.  We thought it might be candy or something because it has four pictures on it (corn, pomegranate, kimchi pots and some sort of woody looking plant).    But then we finally looked at the coupon attached and figured it out.

Our camera bizarrely focused behind the image, but if you look hard you'll see that they are holding toothbrushes.  Yep, this is a four toothpaste gift pack.  I have no idea what those pictures have to do with toothpaste.  I hope this isn't the case, but as there were four toothpastes and four pictures, I have the terrible feeling that they were flavors.

Cookies and creme isn't a strange flavor at all, right?  Well, it is for gum.  And they seem to have their qualifiers backwards ("white cookies and creme chocolate" instead of "chocolate cookies and white creme").

Well, tomorrow begins another workweek.  It also marks a month since we've been here.  Miss you guys.


  1. You look like you've lost weight, Casey. I probably would with the food choices, too. Hmmmm...maybe I should visit for a year. :)

    1 month down; 11 to go. Enjoy your week.

  2. Apparently things do not translate so well .
    What was the gift box you could not identify at first, you never said. The one with the kimchi pot among other things.

    we miss you too!

  3. The gift box was the toothpaste!