Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Pictures? Blame Ian!

So, I sent the camera with Ian today, hoping that he would want to share a little more of his point of view.  But, alas, he came home with no pictures and "not really" any stories for the blog.  I know you guys have been asking about the differences in our experiences, and I was hoping he could share his day with you.  I'll keep encouraging, hopefully he'll think of something he wants to share soon.
Ian's principle did give him some chingbang (small bread dumplings filled with red beans) today.  He brought them home and gave me one.  I liked it.  But, as is the case with most Korean food (other than the spicy dishes) there isn't much depth to the flavor.  Everything is just this side of bland.
They fixed our water again today, so we're pretty sure David made a copy of our key.  I guess its his right because it's his name that's on the lease, but it still makes me uncomfortable.  I'm happy to have hot water, though, and that's what matters most.
I had Charles again today (he's the 6 year old boy who is more advanced than his 10 year old classmates).  He's a really cute kid.  We were working on "I can ____." and "I can't ____." today when I asked him what he could do.  He said, "I can eat."  I asked, "What can you eat?"  And he responded "I CAN EAT DINOSAURS!"  So cute.  He makes me think of Grant.  Maybe they should be pen pals.  I don't know if little kids do that here.  I might try to get a picture of him next week.
Well, I'm hankering to get back to my book.  Maybe I can get Ian to write tomorrow's post.  We shall see!


  1. He can eat dinosaurs? Man, that kid has a strong stomach. I assume he new that he was making a joke?
    And yeah, Ian, your adoring fans want to know more. There is no ducking out of the limelight now.

  2. Sounds like a good day, hope to see photos soon. And yes Ian, you need to share your experiences. I am also wondering how the exchange of languages is going with the Korean teachers. You have not talked about that.

  3. Yes, he thought he was pretty hilarious, as most little kids do.

    Neither of the teachers talked to me about this weekend on Tuesday, so I'll have to ask them what they want to do on Friday. I'll definitely let you know!

  4. Well, I'm bummed. I'm really enjoying the blog and your writing, Casey, but it would be great to get Ian's perspective and experiences, too. But he really doesn't like to write, does he? He sure didn't when he was living with me, anyway. Maybe he should record himself on the webcam and do a video blog?

    Dinosaurs...funny kid.

    I'm glad you had a good day.